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    • alblock
      Eric, I've just found this scrolling the web, was not aware but will read into it, Seems you need a suitable device Samsung S6 will do and fixed wireless??????? I think Uses your wi-fi network to make calls around your home.  https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Announcements/Telstra-Wi-Fi-Calling-FAQ-s/ba-p/619260 Looks like i'm snookered for a bit:  
    • Trader
      As the saying goes- we complain about having no shoes until we see a man with no feet.
    • cforrester
      On Thursday Ruth and I were down at Clifford Gardens, one of the two big shopping centres in Toowoomba. Whilst having coffee at the Coffee Club, a man in a motorised wheelchair pulls up and says Hi. It was a friend of ours from Ashgrove Baptist Church who had moved up to Toowoomba around 15 years ago. When he first came to Toowwomba he was driving buses. Long story short, he had hip problems which have resulted in bone fusion operations. He can climb out of the chair and into the car and once in either he is completely able to operate the motorised transport. The chair goes onto a hoist behind the driver’s door of a single cab BT50. The hoist takes the chair up and onto the tray of the BT50 in a customised compartment between the cab and a short canopy designed for a twin cab BT50. His home is modified and he and his wife have a heavily modified caravan. I did not ask if the wheelchair goes into the caravan or if he is able to move from car to caravan and inside with hand rails.  I am saying this because we grumpy old men are moving into that period of life where we have to adapt to the ageing body requirements. My 90 year old father did a lot of swimming but that was about it for sporting achievements. He is still fairly active if a bit slower. My friend was a very active sportsman and athlete. At the age of 65 he is very limited.
    • alblock
      Cheers Eric, It probably looks worse from that angle, it's still swollen at the moment but has come  down a lot. Scars do flatten out and it's a lot neater than my hip one which has faded. The stitching was done underneath and the top was just glued. As you say a "war wound" to tell anyone who will listen 
    • Trader
      Hi Trev sad to see you so kneedy A serious scar will remain it seems by the look of it - start thinking of a good war wound fiction.   Would you believe................
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