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    • cforrester
      Have you got fibre, coax or copper wire from the exchange Trader?
    • Trader
      This is the state of my mobile broadband  internet from Telstra Cannot download a movie and it has dropped out six times today. And I am not even fighting them about this issue at the moment Every country in the world has quicker internet than me I reckon?  Optus is worst from these results  
    • cforrester
      The NBN is the type of transmission not the medium in which it travels. It is 100% Digital. The NBN medium is based on Optical Fibre and copper and the various FIbre to (Building, Curb and Node) just indicate the percentage of Optical Fibre to Copper involved. The theory behind NBN is that all of the transmission, voice or data content and switching signals will be done in digital packets. This is not how telephone exchanges work at the moment, with the voice information being sent by analogue means and data and signally done digitally.  As the NBN takes over more of the transmission, the new equipment which is installed in the Telephone Exchanges will become predominately digital with the older analog being used for legacy transmission to analog phones. As the older equipment fails, it will be replaced with purely digital equipment which is incompatible with analog phones. Eventually everyone will need a “router” and digital phone. I believe that Telstra are forcing this moment so they can plan exchange maintenance. The sooner the better in my opinion. It is just like the changes in technology that are controlled by large companies. They do not want to support multiple technologies, so everyone has to move on. We have seen it in audio, radio, TV and now data. Even I have given up my old CB Radio, casettes and 8 track. Analogue bad, digital good. The main problems are those faced by all early adopters, unforeseen glitches and unreliability of new equipment designs. As the technology matures the benefits become onvious and life moves on.
    • Trader
      There is scaremongering that 'they' are going to switch off existing services?? Is this like 'negative marketing' for NBN? This is just bullshit and just plain misleading https://eftm.com.au/2017/04/calling-bs-on-nbn-scaremongers-38998 I am pretty sure my mobile broadband service will be maintained by Telstra outside of the NBN network? Maybe people nearer to exchanges on ADSL are at risk - I just don't know. With my current difficulties with Telstra maybe I would be better off with a complete DODO service provider if they could reach here(if they could reach here- I am remote) SStevo's in the middle of a major city and I think not yet connected????  
    • alblock
      I'm getting bombarded with emails to "be the first" to sign up to iinet/westnet, (same dog, different leg action) westnet has been our provider for 10+ years;we were told originally we were getting Fixed Wireless, now it's the same as you Cliff FTTN. Our closest node is at the end of our street 800mt away. I'm holding off to see how others in our street find it. Since selling up 12 months ago we went from Telstra (home line) to westnet bundle ADSL2 off-nett 100 includes our internet & phone. I'm quite happy with the package and is a lot faster than before. Our neighbor who recently retired as a Telstra linesman told me Telstra has only done maintenance on cable for ages now and the copper in our street is dodgy as it is.  I'm not convinced rushing into NBN is the right thing to do ATM 
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